Harley Davidson Tactipig XL

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The Tactipig XL retains all the great features of the original Tactipig with two additional rows of MOLLE webbing that sits on the inner wall of your saddlebag. The extra panel attaches to the saddlebag with 3M adhesive Velcro (included with your order) which adds stability and makes it easier to slide items in and out of attached pouches. This adds a great place attach small accessories such as insulated drink holder or a holster.  

The Motak Tactipig gives you the ability to securely configure your storage to meet your riding needs. Each Tactipig gives you a hidden weather resistant pouch to store paperwork and smaller items such as credit cards, cash, and essential documents. The sewn-on Velcro webbing on the face is a great place to display patches, attach lightweight loop backed pouches, or just a great place to hold some shades, a pen, and some Chapstick. The webbing is also laid out in a specific pattern that is compatible with literally thousands of readily available MOLLE accessories. From a case for your glasses, medical pouches, insulated drink holders and simple catch all bags- the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and the factory suggested weight limit of 2 pounds.

Due to different hinge styles and variances in bag sidewall thicknesses this may cause some waves in the Tactipig XL. This is a result of the double layer construction. Over time the material will relax and lay flat.

Included with each set purchased:

1 set of Tactipigs.

1 or 2 installation wrenches.

Your new tethers will come with the tools needed for installation but will reuse your existing hardware.  Model years 2014 and up should only require the included Torx T15 wrench.  Model years 2013 and down should require both the included Torx T15 and T20.  We have encountered some pre 2000 model bikes that used a T25 but have so far been unable to get a reliable answer on when this change occurred.  If you need a T25 for your installation and don’t have one, please reach out and we’ll gladly send you one.

Download a copy of our installation instructions!

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