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Are you looking to show pride in your organization, promote your company, or add that finishing touch to your perfect ride? If you can dream it, we can probably embroider it on a TactiTether. Each custom TactiTether retains the patented hidden pouch and are 100% made in America. Reach out with any questions or design ideas. Check out some of our current custom creations for inspiration.

Custom Ordering TactiTether

Contact Us for Custom Orders

We specialize in custom saddlebag tethers that showcase your unique style and pride. Send us a message with your ideas, artwork, and the quantity of tethers you need. We will respond ASAP with a custom quote. The logo field is limited to approximately 4.5” x 4.5”, so keep that in mind when brainstorming.

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Do you have questions for us? 

Here are a few questions we have answered for you. If you don’t see the answers to your question don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

What does the TactiTether do exactly?

We add storage, utility, organization, and customization without changing the function of your bag or taking up extra space. We know space is at a premium on your bike! The patented pouch adds a secure location for your small items- registration, insurance, cash, spare fob battery, etc. The MOLLE Velcro loops increase your storage and organization capabilities so you can attach additional accessories- patches, eyewear pouch, chapstick, holsters, etc.

Are custom options available?

Yes, you can choose your color and size of TactiTether from the website. We also embroider custom logos. For further customization, reach out to us directly on our Custom Order Page.

Will upgrading to the TactiTether change my saddlebags' operation?

No, the TactiTether installs and functions just like the factory tether. Because we use 2 layers of Cordura nylon they are initially more rigid but will break in over time.

Are TactiTethers compatible with custom saddlebag lids or speaker lids?

Any lids that currently utilize factory size tethers are compatible with TactiTethers. If you aren’t sure feel free to send us a picture of your current tethers and we can advise.

Are TactiTethers easy to install?

Yes! We’ve had many happy customers install theirs in the parking lot after purchase. You will use the same screws and metal bars from your factory tether. Do Not throw these away! For Harley bags we supply you with the appropriate torx keys. For Indian bags you will need a few standard hand tools.

How much weight can my tether hold?

The factory suggested weight limit is 2lbs.

Is my tether waterproof?

The Cordura nylon is considered water resistant. Unless your saddlebag is filled with water (in such case you have a bigger problem) the contents will stay high and dry.

What is considered a "bulk order?”

Generally we consider a bulk order 10 sets or more. Interested in becoming a vendor? Let’s talk! Send us a message and let us know why you might be a good fit.


We are always wanting to hear from our customers!

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