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The Motak Tactipig Echo 5 is the world’s first lid support storage solution designed to fit most late model Indian® motorcycles.  The Tactipig Echo 5 replaces your factory lid support. It maintains 100% of the factory fit and function while adding an additional pouch for small items such as cash, id’s, insurance, registration, etc.. The Tactipig  E5 also gives you design options to personalize and customize your ride.  We will continue to add  new designs as time allows.  Reach out to us via the custom order page if you are looking to purchase multiple sets custom designed for your club or group.

The factory Indian® lid supports can be difficult to remove as the factory uses copious amounts of glue to hold the metal support bars in. Usually it takes a small flathead or some sort of thin tool to release the bar from the lid support. Once the glue is loose your home free, depending on the glue the whole installation should take less than 15 minutes.

List of models that fit the Indian® Tactipig:

2019-Current Indian Chieftain Dark Horse All Options
2019-Current Indian Chieftain/Chieftain Limited All Options
2020-Current Indian Challenger All Options
2020-Current Indian Roadmaster
2020-Current Indian Springfield
2022-Current Indian Pursuit

Included with each set purchased:

1 left side tether

1 right side tether

Download a copy of our installation instructions!

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