Order a customized CVMA® branded Tactipig!

Order Your CVMA® Tactical Saddlebag Tether

We have invented a customizable storage solution that fits Harley Davidson touring models made from 1993 – present! The Motak Tactipigs are available in both stock and XL sizes. There are a few different options available, so take your time and get exactly what you want. We also have a small assortment of accessories that we know work well with the Tactipig available for purchase. If you wish to view the rest of our product line you can explore it here at our Store. You will not be able to navigate back to this page without your original CVMA® specific link. You must be a current CVMA® member in good standing with your FM number and your chapter number available in order to purchase.

Installation Instructions

Easy to install and even easier to use! Our tactical motorcycle storage solutions were designed by motorcycle riders for motorcycle riders.

Do you have questions for us? 

Here are a few questions we have answered for you. If you don’t see the answers to your question don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Are custom options available?

Yes, you can choose your color, or custom lettering directly on the website. If you need further customization reach out to us directly on our Contact Page.

Will the TST change my saddlebags' operation?

No, the TST (Tactical Saddlebag Tether) is constructed of two layers of Cordura nylon so it is more rigid than the factory tether. It will break in soon after installation, and will function normally with your saddlebag. 

How much weight can my tether hold?

The factory suggested weight limit is 2 lbs.

Is my tether water proof?

The Cordura nylon is considered water resistant. Unless your saddlebag is filled with water (in such case you have a bigger problem) the contents will stay high and dry.

What is considered a "bulk order"?

If your organization is ordering 10 sets or more at a time then it is considered a bulk order 

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