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Through the magic of wind therapy and the honor of military service the Tactipig was born. While out riding, Justin was trying to come up with a way to keep prescription glasses safe. Switching between storing regular glasses and shades in a saddlebag you run the risk damaging expensive essential items. As an Army Combat Veteran familiar with the MOLLE system, Justin started thinking about he could add it’s functionality to his Road Glide. Molle is commonly used on military gear and vests to securely attach different items. So why not add this to a motorcycle? And what better place than the useless tether in the saddlebags? Justin started measuring, drawing, cutting, and sewing. Yep, he bought a sewing machine. There were were definitely failures at first, but after lots of tweaks and iterations the Tactipig was born.

Why Motak? Why tactipig?

Military language is a dialect of its own. Often times words are mashed together to make one. Motorcycle tactical. Or tactical motorcycle. How about Motak? Perfect! Early on we did get a few calls for a certain appliance company, but we took it as a compliment and a good thing that the Google algorithm put us above the business they were trying to contact. Tactipig is just funny. We threw around a few different names, trying to keep with what the part was already called. Harley Davidson calls them a tether; Indian Motorcycles calls them a limiter.  It turned out that most people really didn’t know what to call them anyways, so we renamed them. Tactihog didn’t sound right. But Tactipig does!

Our roots

Justin is an Army veteran, serving our country from 2001-2013 with 2 tours in Iraq. He has been around motorcycles since a young age with some very influential people in his life riding alongside him.  It’s not just a hobby, but a passion and a connection to like-minded people. While working in sales he always knew he wanted to be his own boss. With some tremendous hard work, support, and dedication Justin was able to branch out on his own to create Motak.

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